Football Lovers:- Between Morata And Lukaku, Who Is Better?

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Hi Guys,

This post is not cause any issue amidst football lovers, but I really need to clarify myself on something.

Actually the main thrust of this post is not to know who is better between this two strikers, I just use that headline to lure you guys into the post.

The main question now is Between Morata and Lukaku, Who is Worse?

Well, am a Chelsea Fan, and I have always believed Morata was a better buy for us (Chelsea) than going for Lukaku initially, and the main reason was because of Lukaku’s 6 matches goal drought.

If you were opportune to see Morata’s performance against Arsenal on Wednesday 3/1/2018, My brother you will feel what am feeling.

Morata lost 4 one on one with Keeper clear chances… The last one he missed when we were on 2 -2 score line was the baddest thing that has happened to me so far this season.

Lukaku also has his own golden chances miss too Ooo..


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