How Do Mobile Apps work?

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Mobile app files are "hosted" within the device. That is to say, the files are there inside the device.
As for database and some files, the app developer have the option of returning data from remotely hosted database via API calls, this means that the app can send a request to the webserver and it will return database query results or data to the mobile app. 
In this case, the database is not saved inside your device but remotely hosted and you need internet connection to the mobile device to achieve this.
However, there are file based database like sqlite which can be saved inside the app directories within the device.
In case of databases embedded in the app like the one above, you can also make requests to the remote server and then update your in-app database like sqlite and you can as well send data from the mobile app to the remotely hosted database or server.

So in essence, there is nothing like host for mobile app like is obtainable in web applications though data used in the app can be "gotten" and sent to a remotely hosted server.


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