I Want To Learn Programming. Which Language Should I Start With?

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I am not going to go into detail in defining what programming is because i will assume before entering this post you should already know what programming is. But in summary programming is the act of creating whatever you want with your brain and computer programming is the act of creating whatever you want with your brain and a computer. You can read more from 


Programmers could also be called software engineers, software developers and other big-big names you can think of.


1. Embedded Systems 

2. Desktop applications

3. Web Applications 

4. Mobile Applications

5. Console applications

The language to learn depends on the branch of programming you are going into.


An embedded system is a multi-agent system and computer system designed for specific control functions within a larger system, often with real-time computing constraints.It is embedded as part of a complete device often including hardware and mechanical parts. By contrast, a general-purpose computer, such as a personal computer (PC), is designed to be flexible and to meet a wide range of end-user needs. Embedded systems control many devices in common use today examples of devices with embedded systems are telephone switches, mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), mp3 players, mobile phones, videogame consoles, digital cameras, DVD players, GPS, brushless DC motors, induction motors and DC motors.Embedded systems contain processing cores that are either microcontrollers or digital signal processors (DSP).


An application that runs stand alone in a desktop or laptop computer. such as Opera Browser, Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, Win zip and so on. I am sure you get it. Desktop Applications can run on Windows, Linux, Mac and other Operating Systems. I assume you know what an operating system is 
Desktop applications can be created with a variety of programming languages ranging from C, C++, Java, C#, Python, Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET etc


A web application is an application that is accessed by users over a network such as the Internet or an intranet. examples of web applications are Facebook, yahoomail, gmail, Nairaland etc. Web applications are also created with a range of programming languages like PHP, Python, JSP/Servlets, ASP, ASP.NET, Ruby etc

A mobile application (or mobile app) is a software application designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. example of mobile applications are opera mini, UCBrowser, Games etc. Mobile Applications run on different platforms such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Android phone or Windows Phone etc. Mobile Applications can be created with Java, Objective-c, c++, C# and so on...


A console application is a computer program designed to be used via a text-only computer interface, such as a text terminal, the command line interface of some operating systems (Unix, DOS, etc.) or the text-based interface included with most Graphical User Interface (GUI) operating systems, such as the Win32 console in Microsoft Windows, the Terminal in Mac OS X, and xterm in Unix. Console Applications can be created with C, C++, JAVA etc


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