Let’s Talk!! M.I vs Olamide: Who Is The Greatest Ever Nigerian Rapper?

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It’s a known fact that when it comes to rap music, MI and Olamide have shown consistency and artistry for the past two years.

Dropping hits, trading jabs and shades at each other at some point and what about the diss tracks we enjoyed during the time they were feuding before they decided to settle it all with a track “The Middle” on M.I‘s third album, Chairman.

M.I represents the urban music trend with a different style of rap flow synonymous with the foreign rap artistes. M.I has a very special rap voice that relies on the breath spaces between his lines as he delivers sleek rhymes.

The voice has a croaky edge which is perfect for conscious and romantic raps. The highlight of his voice, however, is his ability to dramatize his voice for story telling. There are not many storytellers in Nigeria, but M.I is one to listen to.

Olamide on the other hand is your favorite bad guy. He’s the number one rapper on the local scene and his influence and impact on the local scene cannot be overemphasized.
He gave us hits we probably didn’t dream of.

Olamide also signed artistes who gave us more hits and what about the endless collaborations. He’s probably the reason some artistes are still relevant today.

Olamide’s artistry is commendable also. Those days of Eni DuroDurosokeVoice of the streets. These were hits laden with punchlines and vibes.

Those days, Olamide could release up to 10 singles in a year and while he has pretty much slowed down to properly record his songs better, Olamide is highly revered by all and sundry in the industry.

MI is extraordinary and kind of assumes the chairmanship position when it comes to rap music.

Olamide owns the streets, while MI’s music is enjoyed by the elites. While some have said Olamide is the greatest rapper ever liveth, music critics are of the opinion the crown belongs solely to M.I and critically argue Olamide doesn’t compare in any means to M.I

So now guys 

Who really is the Greatest Nigerian Rapper Of All Time?

Olamide Baddo or M.I the Chairman?

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