Which Rapper[s] Would You Love To See ‘Fix’ His Or Her Life In 2018?

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M.I Abaga stirred a somewhat calm ocean when he dropped his song ‘YOU RAPPERS SHOULD FIX YOUR LIFE’ aimed at almost every Nigerian rap artist who take pride in being singers other than the genre they voiceless promised us they own and would stick to.

Of course many came for this TRUTH as they in their girly feelings felt pained despite knowing M.I couldn’t be more right.

2017 saw quite a lot of this as even some of the one time respected OG’s in the game, took shelter with ho ho’s and ah ah’s artistes, making a ton of senseless noise and calling it singing.

I love rap and am certain there are a couple of rap fans out there who are dying to know if truly these so-called rappers have found time out of their unappealing singing time to go back to the root and give their day 1 fans and rap community what they have within them to give.


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